Federation Careers Programme

Dear Parents,

Careers education is very important for the future of all of our students in each of the schools in the Federation.

There is significant research that suggests that if young people have 3 conversations with people from a range of careers during the course of their secondary education, this has a significant impact on their career choices. As a result, we offer our students a range of meetings with adults from a wide range of careers as a key element of our Careers Programme.

The Federation's lead Governor for Careers is Andy Rothery. Andy lives and was educated in South London and until recently held a senior position as a partner in Deloitte, the global professional services firm. He is leading our drive to identify parents who would be prepared to support our Careers Programme and come and talk to pupils in Year 9 and Year 10 about the work they do.

We are hoping to identify a wide range of people who can talk to our students about their experiences and cover a diverse range of careers.

If you can help we would be very grateful if you could join us and support this important initiative. If you are willing to help, your commitment would be limited to one morning a year to come and speak to pupils, either in one school in the Federation or in any of the schools. 

Please would you indicate your willingness to be involved by completing the short form below which we will retain in a confidential database that will be used only for the purpose of the Federation Careers Programme.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Careers Programme Form