Governing Board Composition


The Leathersellers’ Federation of Schools
Composition of Governing Board 2019-2020

Quorum: Half the current membership rounded up to a whole number

Foundation Governors (Nominated by the Leathersellers’ Company)

Mr Stuart Fuller
Fr Steve Hall
Ms Sophie Miremadi (Vice Chair of Governors)
Mr Andrew Rothery (Co-Chair of Governors)
Mr Ian Russell MBE

until 14/10/2023
until 29/04/2022

until 11/03/2024
until 31/08/2023
until 04/12/2021


Local Authority Nominee (LB Lewisham)


Mr Andrew Holmes OBE

until 04/07/2022

Co-opted Governors

Ms Kate Bridgman
Mr Andrew Collier
Mr Ian Duffy
Mr Roger Hibbitt
Ms Sukhvinder Kaur-Stubbs
Mr Adeyemi Olatunde
Dr Jacqueline Phillips Owen
Mr David Sheppard (Executive Headteacher)

until 31/08/2023
until 04/02/2023
until 08/10/2021
until 31/08/2021

until 08/10/2021
until 10/07/2023
until 08/10/2021

Staff Governor

Mr Robiul Islam

until 18/11/2023

Parent Governors

Ms Kate Ward (Co-Chair of Governors)
Ms Clare Brynley-Jones

until 29/03/2021
until 23/05/2023

Headteacher Governors


Mr Niall Hand (Prendergast Ladywell School)
Mr Duncan Kamya (Prendergast Vale School)
Ms Paula Ledger (Prendergast School)


Clerk to Governors: Ms Anna Machin

The Clerk and Governors can be contacted at
The Chairs of Governors can be contacted at