The Governing Board


The Leathersellers’ Federation of Schools
Governing Board Composition 2017/18

Quorum: Half the current membership rounded up to a whole number

Foundation Governors (Nominated by the Leathersellers’ Company)

Mr Andrew Rothery (Chair of Governors)
Mr Martin Dove
Fr Steve Hall
Ms Sophie Miremadi
Mr Ian Russell MBE
Mr Philip Williams

until 31/08/2019
until 31/08/2018
until 29/04/2022

until 08/03/2020
until 04/12/2021
until 08/03/2020

Local Authority Nominee (LB of Lewisham)


Mr Andrew Holmes OBE

until 24/06/2018

Co-Opted Governors

Ms Chantelle Fionda
Mr Roger Hibbitt
Mr William Jellis
Mr David Sheppard (Executive Headteacher)
Mr Ian Duffy
Ms Sukhvinder Kaur-Stubbs
Dr Jacqueline Phillips Owen

until 16/06/2018
until 31/08/2021
until 14/11/2020


until 08/10/2021
until 08/10/2021
until 08/10/2021

Staff Governor

Ms Caroline Kelly

until 09/03/2021

Parent Governors

Mr Andrew Collier
Ms Kate Ward (Vice Chair)

until 29/03/2021
until 29/03/2021

Headteacher Governors


Mr Niall Hand (Prendergast Ladywell School)
Mr Duncan Kamya (Prendergast Vale School)
Ms Paula Ledger (Prendergast School)


Associate Members of the Governing Board  
Ian Pleace
Gregory Jones QC
until 04/12/2018
until 23/01/2019

Clerk to Governors: Ms Pat Barber
The Clerk and Governors can be contacted at
The Chair of Governors can be contacted at