Federation Board

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The Federation Board is the legal entity having collective accountability and responsibility for the academy trust and assuring itself that there is compliance with regulatory, contractual and statutory requirements. The Board provides:

  • strategic leadership of the trust, defining the trust vision for high quality and inclusive education in line with its charitable objects
  • accountability and assurance – having effective oversight of the operations and performance of the trust, including the provision of education, pupil welfare, overseeing and ensuring appropriate use of funding and effective financial performance and keeping their estate safe and well-maintained
  • engagement – having strategic oversight of relationships with stakeholders and ensuring decision making is supporting by meaningful engagement with parents, schools and communities.

To support the Federation Board in its work, a number of cross Federation committees have been created. Duties have been delegated to them as appropriate and as in line with the board’s ethos – these delegations are articulated in the trust’s Scheme of Delegation.

Federation board members are registered as both company directors and trustees in line with a multi-academy trust having the legal status of a charitable company limited by guarantee.

Information about our board members and the various committees can be found below. More information about members of the Federation Board will be published in due course.

Membership of the Federation Board - Trustees

  1. Andy Rothery - LSC appointee and Chair of the Federation Board
  2. Sophie Miremadi - LSC appointee and Vice Chair of the Federation Board
  3. Stuart Fuller - LSC appointee
  4. Kate Ward - LSC appointee
  5. Ian Duffy - Co-opted
  6. Daniel Becker - Co-opted
  7. Mariah Simms - Co-opted
  8. Alexandra Bassett - Co-opted
  9. Chris Barnham - Co-opted
  10. Miguel Stucchi - Parent elected
  11. Claire Walker - Parent elected

Committees of the Board

Education Committee (EC)

Supports the board to ensure high quality and effective education of young people in Leathersellers - delivering an in-depth review of educational performance, safeguarding, pastoral support, inclusion and provision for special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) pupils across the trust.

EC Membership
Kate Ward
Ian Duffy
Alexandra Bassett
Claire Walker
Chris Barnham

People & Finance Committee (PFC)

Undertakes detailed review of the trust’s financial strategy, plans and policies, including the financial statements in the annual report and accounts. It ensures that the trust’s people framework supports the implementation of the trust strategic plan and delivery of education, holds oversight of wellbeing, pay and terms and conditions of all employees, and has the estates management strategy for the trust.

PFC Membership
Stuart Fuller
Mariah Simms
Miguel Stucchi
Andy Rothery
Sukhvinder Kaur-Stubbs

Audit & Risk Committee (ARC)

Monitors the integrity of the trust’s financial statements, financial performance, internal financial controls, internal control and risk management, along with reviewing the effectiveness of the internal audit function.

ARC Membership
Daniel Becker
Miguel Stucchi
Alexandra Bassett
Sophie Miremadi

Pay & Remuneration Committee (PRC)

To agree pay policies for staff and CEO.

PRC Membership
Ian Duffy
Andy Rothery
Mariah Simms

Admissions Committee (AC)

​Maintain oversight and scrutiny of all aspects of the Federation’s admission arrangements and practice.

AC Membership
Mariah Simms
Andy Rothery
Paula Ledger

Resolutions Committee (RC)

Responsible for panel hearings for exclusions, complaints or others as required. ​

Key Documentation

The information below will be published as soon as it becomes available.